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Tennis Courts are built according to the norms and standards determined by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), and are delivered to you as ITF-certified after the performance of the necessary tests by the ITF. According to these standards, the tennis court construction area was determined as 36 meters in length and 18 meters in width, and 648 square meters in total.

We can make tennis courts in smaller or larger sizes for amateur uses and for hobbies, apart from international dimensions. It is preferred quite often, especially in sites and detached living spaces.Thanks to our 26 years of experience in the sports flooring sector, we are installing tennis courts professionally and without any problems.

Floor Applications Used in the Construction of Tennis Courts:


tenis toprak1

Synthetic Grass

tenis sentetik çim2

EPDM Floor

EPDM Zemin

Acrylic Floor

Akrilik Zemin