çok amaçlı spor sahalarıMulti-Purpose Fields

Multi-Purpose Fields; These are the fields where tennis, basketball, and volleyball sports can be performed on a single court. Multi-Purpose Fields can be built both indoor and outdoor. Multi-purpose pitches that are convenient, and practical and allow multiple games to be played are low-cost. Generally, multi-purpose fields are used in schools, sites, and hotels. It is commonly made in 18x36m dimensions.

Soil Applications Used in Multi-Purpose Site Construction:

  • Synthetic Turf - Multi-Purpose Field
  • EPDM Floor - Multi-Purpose Field
  • Polyurethane Floor - Multi-Purpose Field
  • Acrylic Floor Multi - Purpose Field
  • Hardwood Floor - Multi-Purpose Field


Synthetic Turf - Multi-Purpose Field

They are multi-purpose fields where synthetic grass carpet is applied on the ground. The most preferred games such as mini football, tennis, volleyball, and basketball can be played together in these fields. Its dimensions are 18mX36m on average, but it can be reduced if desired. It is applied in school gardens, sites, and mass housingS. In multi-purpose fields with synthetic grass, 26mm and 20mm artificial grass carpets are generally preferred. It is economical and durable for use.


02tartan-zemin-cok-amacli-saha3EPDM Floor - Multi-Purpose Field

Multi-Purpose Fields with EPDM Floors are flexible rubber sports fields made of EPDM granules. Tartan flooring is generally cast in place as 5mm EPDM layer and 8mm SBR layer. Multi-purpose fields with tartan floors are preferred by schools and sites as well as indoor sports halls.



Polyurethane Floor - Multi-Purpose Field

Polyurethane Floor Multi-Purpose Fields are resistant to scratches, sun rays, all kinds of abrasion and deformation. Polyurethane coating can be applied indoors and outdoors; It is a flexible, non-slip, and non-abrasive floor type that is applied in one piece and has many color options. Matte, glossy, and colorful surfaces can be created with polyurethane flooring. It is a coating material where dust does not accumulate and can be easily cleaned.