golf1Golf Courses

Golf Courses are sports facilities with natural or synthetic grass on very large areas. Since the natural grass used in golf courses has excessive wear, artificial turf is preferred in the construction of golf courses. Artificial turf is resistant to friction and abrasion. It is designed to withstand usage under all weather conditions.

The fact that the natural grass floors are not flat, they restrict the ball speed and player movements reducing the quality of the game and the performance of the athlete. Since artificial turf surfaces are flatter, the bounce rate of the ball is the same in every region, and player movements are not restricted. Artificial turf eliminates the ground differences on the field, increasing the consistency and quality of the game.

The need for maintenance and repair of artificial turf is not tiring and costly. Artificial turf floor application in golf courses saves water and facilitate savings in the budget.

Thanks to the special synthetic grass carpet we have developed as VSM Sports Systems, you will now be able to enjoy golf anywhere. Thanks to synthetic grass carpets, which are very easy to install and maintain, you can even turn your home garden into a golf course.


Artificial Grass Golf Course Construction

Golf is a sport that is usually played on a natural grass field. Artificial turf is used in the construction of golf courses, as there is an excessive amount of wear on the natural turf used on golf courses. Artificial turf is preferred especially in the construction of small golf courses. In addition, in natural grass golf courses, putter fields are frequently made as artificial turf. Special artificial turf carpets produced for golf are called putting green.

It is aimed to throw the ball to the main playing field of the field called fair-way in the part of the field up to the pit. This area consists of neater, shorter-cut grass than other areas and can be about 30 to 90 meters wide; It is more suitable for hitting. The trick is to throw the ball on the smooth grassy areas of the field. On both sides of this field is the area called 'rough'. This area may include tall grass, shrubs, trees, or sandy, earthy areas. Then the pit ends with the putting green area called the putting green. Putting field is the name given to a "pit" covered with very high quality grass and made suitable for putting up, by cutting it continuously short, and it is marked with a flag in the middle or on the edge.