VSM YAPI provides services with its structure through which you can track the whole process from architectural projects to decoration details from a single source. Whether it is a sports facility or a living space, VSM YAPI offers excellence with its expert staff.



Artificial turf models produced for football fields are produced to high-quality standards for player safety, ball performance and ground durability. Soft and non-abrasive synthetic turf texture minimizes the risk of injury to players. It is designed to be durable under all weather conditions. While it allows use in rainy weather, it is not affected by the sun's rays. It improves the quality of the game by providing stable ball bounce as well as player safety and performance.

With its natural grass-like appearance, low maintenance cost, longer playing time, player safety, ball performance, and all-weather use, our new generation artificial turf floors meet all the needs of the modern football field.


Outdoor astroturf

Outdoor Football Fields are a system with wire mesh on the sides and a mesh-covered ceiling, and third and fourth-generation artificial grass carpets are used on the floor. With the expert and experienced team of Reform Sports, it can be done on a turnkey basis in 4 weeks. Outdoor Carpet Fields and Mini Football Fields are commonly made in sizes ranging from 20x40m to 30x60m.

vsm sport always prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. Not only before sales but also after sales, it strives to find solutions to all your problems related to the football fields.


furbol3Indoor Football Field

Indoor Astroturf Fields are those, of which the sides of the field and the surface of the field, are closed with a construction system in accordance with static calculations. The construction is covered with a corrugated material made of canvas or glass fiber material. The sides of the field can be opened and closed if desired. Third and fourth-generation grass carpets are used on the field floor. Recommended pitch sizes vary between 20x40m and 30x60m.