What is EPDM Floor?, its main material is obtained from rubber. EPDM, which is a synthetic flooring, is also called tartan. Before applying EPDM, which shows high performance on hard floors, the area is cleaned of dirt and dust. The first layer of primer is applied to the floor with special coating rolls. The primer coat applied to the floor has the property of binding the surface of the EPDM floor coating system. For more information on the question "What is EPDM Flooring", continue reading our article.

After the primer coat dries, the 8 mm SBR granules are poured onto the floor. Then the pouring process is completed and the floor is allowed to dry. Then EPDM granules in the color and model you choose are applied to the floor. EPDM, which provides the possibility of application in different thicknesses and sizes, gives the environment a stylish and aesthetic appearance. The development of the usage properties of EPDM floor coverings; has also increased the interest in such coatings.

Where is EPDM Rubber Applied?

  • Sports fields (Tennis Court, basketball court, etc.)
  • walking trails
  • children's playgrounds
  • School and kindergarten gardens

EPDM KAPLAMA1Advantages of EPDM Flooring

Thanks to its long-lasting and durable structure, EPDM floor coverings provide great convenience in the area used. With the floor covering, which is resistant to harsh weather conditions, you will not face situations such as stretching, loosening or shrinking. Unlike acrylic flooring, colored EPDM granules prevent discoloration or fading of the color on the floor.

Thanks to its elastic and flexible structure, it protects the athlete against impacts and ensures that the movements are agile. EPDM coating allows different designs to emerge with its wide color scale. Having many advantages of use; naturally, it also increases the interest in such floor coverings.