EPDM Zemin

The TARTAN Ground Tennis Court is constructed according to the standards determined by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), with a width of 18 meters and a length of 36 meters, with a total of 648 square meters, open or closed. Tartan floor tennis courts can be built in any required size needed for amateur uses, apart from international dimensions.

VSM Sports, which specializes in the production and applications of tennis court flooring materials and other equipment, realizes the construction of tennis courts with tartan flooring on a turnkey basis in a short period such as 3-4 weeks.

Phase 1: Infrastructure Works

  • Excavation: The ground where the tennis court will be built is made flat by making the excavation. The foundation for the perimeter beam formwork is dug around the court.
  • Perimeter Beam Concrete: It is bound around the site to a certain extent. Wicker is made by using 8 and 12 Q iron rods inside.
  • The perimeter will be leveled into the beam and 3” anchor pipes will be placed at regular intervals.
  • BS 20 Ready-mixed concrete is poured into the perimeter molds.
  • After the surrounding concrete, gravel filling will be made on the ground.
  • Concrete or asphalt is placed on the Gravel Filling to ensure a flat surface.

Stage 2: Perimeter Poles and Wire Fence Works

  • Vertical pole pipes will be welded to the anchor pipes placed in the perimeter beam. Upper, middle and horizontal pipes will be welded to vertical pipes.
  • Diagonal reinforcement will be made to the horizontal pipes at all four corners. Vertical reinforcement pipes will be installed at appropriate intervals to the vertical pipes on the four sides of the field.
  • “X” shaped cross pipes will be welded to the long sides and backs of the goal to strengthen the field construction.
  • For Lighting Poles, vertical pipes to the long sides of the court will be manufactured with stairs.
  • There will be 1 hinged door on the court.
  • One Tennis Court Pole and Tennis Net will be installed.
  • After all Iron production is done, it will be painted in the desired color with 2 layers of oil paint, 1 layer of primer.
  • The perimeter of the court will be covered with 4×4 cm mesh, dipped galvanized and PVC-coated wire mesh.
  • After the connection is made by stretching the wire mesh, the steel rope will be stretched, The tensioned steel ropes will be connected with terminals.
  • 400 W Metal Halide projectors will be mounted on the produced projector poles.
  • Electrical Installation will be laid up to the panel and the projectors will be delivered in working condition.

Stage 3: Tartan Floor Application

  • Primer layer is first created on concrete or asphalt ground.
  • A tartan floor is created on the primer with the help of a special finisher.
  • Tennis game lines are drawn in accordance with the dimensions of the created Tartan Floor.