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The project of VSM GARDEN SUITES, BELEK; as a VSM Architecture Engineering Construction LTD. STI.'s project in Antalya's Serik District, Kardiye Quarters, on island 154 parcels 1 with two blocks; is a residential project.

VSM GARDEN SUITES, BELEK project is at a distance of 200 meters from the worldwide renowned "Land Of Legends" Theme Park and AVM in Belek, Antalya's favorite tourism region, 150 meters from the public transport route, 3 km from Kadriye Beach, 6 km from Belek center; and 23 km from Antalya International Airport.

Our project consists of 2 blocks and 36 flats, including 24 -1+1 and 12 -2+1 duplexes including in total, 2 blocks and 36 apartments. 12 of our 1+1 flats are on the ground floor and offered for sale with the right to use a private garden varying between 30 and 95 m2. The remaining 12-1+1 flats are on the 1st floor. On the second floor, which is the last floor, 12 of our 2+1 roof duplex apartments are placed. Our 1+1 flats are 50 m2 in gross, 2+1 duplex apartments are 100 m2 in gross. It will be built with 1st class construction quality and the apartments will be delivered with furniture.

Although our project has features that will attract attention in terms of landscaping in general, apartments having the right to use the detached garden of the ground-floor stand out as an important difference that adds value to our project. In addition, in each block, there are various social facilities such as an elevator, an outdoor children's and an adult pool, an outdoor car park, an outdoor playground, a gazebo, and an indoor sports hall, as well as an encrypted site entrance and a closed circuit camera system. The delivery date of our project is planned as June 2023.

In recent years, Antalya has attracted the attention of investors around the world in terms of its mild climate characteristics, four seasons of life, and various tourism opportunities.

Our project VSM GARDEN SUITES, BELEK, has the distinction of being the only one in its region with its magnificent location, comfort and quality it offers, and the high rental income it offers to its investors.

Prices vary according to the size of the facade and garden. The sales offer will be in blocks and the offers thereto will be assessed.

Belek Tourism Region, which hosts various types of tourism such as sports tourism, beach tourism, and entertainment tourism, in addition to being a unique tourism place in Turkey regarding its characteristics, has taken its place among the main tourism regions and has started to become renown.

VSM GARDEN SUITES, the shining star of Belek Tourism Region, provides an important advantage to its investors with a short return period of 5 years, thanks to its short-term rental income, in addition to the comfort and quality lifestyle it offers.

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