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Basketball floors of Vsm Sports, professional in Outdoor and Indoor Basketball Court Construction, make sports easier,

It provides maximum performance to basketball lovers.

Types of Basketball Court Construction:

  • Outdoor Basketball Court
  • Indoor Basketball Court

Outdoor Basketball Court is sports fields surrounded by wire mesh. Indoor Basketball Court, with steel construction

IClosed fields and an indoor sports hall are operated as closed sports fields.

Floor Applications Used in Basketball Court Construction:

akrilik zemin-basketbol sahası

Acrylic Floored Basketball Courts

Acrylic Flooring is a quick-drying, UV-resistant, and suitable system for all weather conditions for indoor and outdoor basketball court applications. The acrylic floor system consists of modified synthetic surface conditioner, synthetic coating and synthetic top coat acrylic paint.

Cushion Acrylic System consists of modified acrylic or rubber powder-filled cushion, surface conditioner, acrylic coating, and acrylic topcoat paint layers.

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Tartan Floored Basketball Courts

Tartan Floor, the system consists of two layers, has a water permeable feature. The EPDM layer is on the top, the SBR granule layer is on the bottom. Granular layers are mixed hot with a substance called binder. Tartan floor is generally applied as 8mm + 5mm. EPDM granules and SBR granules are applied as hot casting in place with a machine called Finisher (Pavers).


PARKE ZEMİNLİ BASKET SAHASIParquet Floored Basketball Courts

Sports Parquet Floors, our wooden sports floors meet the ergonomic needs of athletes thanks to their innovative design, energy recovery, reduction of power consumption, and the ball's rebound feature. The parquet floor consists of a multi-layered system. Flexibility is provided to the wooden floor with the special rubber support system used in the substrate. Our parquet floors undergo regular quality tests on different parameters to ensure excellent slip resistance, scratch resistance, and durability.

Poliuretan Basketbol Sahasi Zemini

Basketball Courts With Polyurethane Floor

PU aliphatic polyurethane coating is an easy-to-clean, non-yellowing, high abrasion resistance, effective and protective coating applied on all kinds of concrete and steel surfaces. It provides an economical solution in areas where chemical and mechanical resistance is not critical. It is a type of coating used in sports halls and can be applied as a single piece, jointless and uncombined. Optionally, Matt, Glossy and colored surfaces can be created. It is a coating for dusty environments where dust will not accumulate and can be easily cleaned. This type of coating applied inside and outside is resistant to sunlight and deformations such as cracking or drying out.