Acrylic flooring application can be defined as surface paint application in general. Acrylic flooring is different from other sports flooring applications, it has strong resistance in any form of contact with heat, especially in the case of exposure to chemical components and substances. At the same time, it has properties such as adhesion to the ground underneath and quick drying. With all these features, the acrylic floor is suitable for many sports field floors where human traffic and impact are intense.

There are many types and brands of acrylic paints for use in acrylic floor applications. Acrylic paint types manufactured for use on floors are produced by combining cross-applied acrylic resin type, UV resistant and chemical resistant pigment paints and other paint types.

Acrylic floors can be used on many living spaces and facility and public area floors. These are suitable for many floors such as gyms, outdoor sports field facilities, supermarkets, store and hospital floors, and schools.

Acrylic floor applications are ideal floor coverings with high durability, easy cleaning, and no maintenance costs.

It is a multi-purpose coating system used in multi-purpose field constructions such as children's playgrounds, training areas, and all kinds of sports games. Based on polyurethane and rubber, this system is resistant to abrasion. High elasticity and shock absorption properties reduce the possibility of injury to players in situations such as slips, falls, and impacts.

Acrylic Floor Usage Areas

  • Tennis court
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball Fields
  • Multi-Purpose Fields


It is a type of flooring that offers a perfect appearance and performance, specially designed for sports fields arranged with acrylic flooring and different synthetic types. It is usually produced in 2 or 3 mm thickness. It is applied on an asphalt or concrete structure with primer applied as a coating base.

It can be applied both indoors and outdoors with different resin and synthetic ingredients according to its construction and usage purposes; it is an ergonomic, hygienic floor covering application suitable for all kinds of designs. The use of the application is very healthy for foot movements and provides jumping and other functions of sports equipment perfectly.

Polyurethane primer is applied to concrete or asphalt floor. The first layer, 8 mm thick, is poured into the hot casting by a “finishing” machine, mixing the polyurethane binder with the SBR granules. The second layer of ultraviolet and ozone-resistant special mixture rubber granules is applied as hot casting with a “finischer” machine on the first layer of 7 mm thickness mixed with a polyurethane binder. The field is made ready to play by drawing lines suitable for the intended use.